Educational Objectives

NAIS 1st SCHOOL OF HAIR DESIGN is to train suitable persons for entrance and advancement in the BARBER/STYLIST field by requiring students to accomplish the following:

1. Knowledge, understanding, skill and appreciation of the theory and practice of Barbering.

2. A habit of performing work in a professional manner in the interest of safety and hygiene for oneself and others.

3. Develop management skills that facilitate the orderly performance of various tasks in the Barbershop.

4. The ability to wisely select and utilize commercial products that relate to the application of the appropriate treatment.

5. Sufficient motivation that encourages growth and desire to keep abreast of new and unique developments in the practice and attending workshops.

6. The ability to work in harmony with co-workers and management personnel.

7. The professional ethics, personality and salesmanship that are required to develop a successful business atmosphere and relationship with the general public.

8. Providing an educational and practical foundation that enables graduates to pass the State Board Examination and acquire a license to practice Barbering.