Barber Curriculum

Barber School curriculum is largely dictated by the KY Board of Barbering. Following is a list of what is to be taught during the 1500-hour program:

Breakdown of hours or the Barber/Stylist Course:

Instruments 30
Shaving Instructions 100
Haircutting for Men, Women, & Children 935
Shampooing 40
Permanent Waving 40
Hair Coloring 40
Hair Straightening & Relaxing 40
Massaging 35
Scalp and Skin Disease 20
Physiology & Anatomy of the Head, Face, & Neck 100
Sterilization & Sanitation 40
Hygiene 10
Bacteriology 20
Electricity 10
Pharmacology 20
Psychology 10
History, Professional Ethics 10
TOTAL 1500

201 KAU 14:090. School Curriculum Section 19 state that “all students shall receive not less than 1,500 hours’ practice work and scientific lectures. The Milady’s Textbook of Professional Barber-Styling is our textbook. It contains 24 Chapters that thoroughly cover the above-required curriculum (Ch. 20 is omitted by the State Barber Board). We will also be using the workbook and the exam review book that accompanies the text.